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Majimaji Kenya Trust seeks to Transform lives in Kenya and beyond in partnership with like-minded individuals, community, leaders, organizations, cooperates, private sector, local & national governments. We are a Social, Economic and Humanitarian Non- Profit organization


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Just as greeting, you can never shake your hands. You have one hand for yourself and another for reaching out to others.
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25 years crawling; No wheel chair

He later learnt shoe making and became a cobbler. This has been his only way of earning a living since then. He relies on local home customers who must come to him. With a w...
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How I lost my arm; Prosthetic Arm for James Njagi

It was about 9am at the renown black spot; Kaseve after Machakos county on your way to Kitui county. In front of them were an Isuzu Canter lorry and a Toyota permio overtaking.
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Save KOBOLE’s life through his music

Imagine a situation where you are not sure where your next meal will come from. Imagine a scenario where crime is your only available source of income and drugs
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Support my craft to save Mum and my future

She wrote to me “I’m Irene Ndanu from Embakasi. I was a former student at Buruburu Institute of fine arts studying diploma in Graphic design but due to lack of school fees I was
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