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​India CSR spend can build 4 Thika Super highways

​India CSR spend can build 4 Thika Super highways

In India, 300 companies spent Rs 6,871 crore (USD 1,053,391,372) on CSR in 2016- 17. This is a rise from 8.34% in 2014-15 spend which was Rs 4,678 crore (USD 717,183,064). In 2014-15 India made CSR spend for entities mandatory


The impact of spend in Kenya would be Kshs. 108,815,328,727 Approximately Kshs.108.8B. to bring it home, this could build four Thika super highways

This increase in CSR funding in the last financial year has given a lot of push to quality education initiatives along with intensifying Skill India Mission and Swachh Bharat Mission with Education receiving 32% of the funding and Healthcare at 17%

It is said the Indian Companies are spending CSR funds on enhancing teachers’ capacities as well as learning outcomes for students rather than just on school infrastructure. Similarly, companies are looking at cluster-based development models to bring sustainable impact in specific regions

In most countries, Kenya being one of them CSR is still voluntary for private sector but mandatory to cooperates

In summary, Corporate India’s social responsibility graph is headed up with 47 per cent jump. As at 8th October 2017, Penal action will be initiated against 160 firms for failing to comply with CSR norms under the companies’ law, according to Union Minister P P Chaudhary which requires that at least 2% of their three-year annual average net profit is shell out towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

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