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25 years crawling; No wheel chair

Antone Ateng Wheel Chair appeal

Antone Ateng was born crippled in 1966, lower limbs deformed and weak. He cannot stand or walk. At class 7, he was taken for rehabilitation to no success.

He later learnt shoe making and became a cobbler. This has been his only way of earning a living since then. He relies on local home customers who must come to him. With a wheel chair, he says he will be able to move to the shopping center, gaining more customers

Not only will this boost his craft but aid his movement within the homestead & village

Antone lives in Kisumu County, Seme Reru in rural Nyanza. He has a wife; Caren Aoko both blessed with 7 children. The villagers call him ratego (Luo word for a strong person) for his strong arms and enduring spirit

For over 25 years, Antone has never used a Wheel chair!

Help us transform his life by aiding his movement


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