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Condemn Brutality against this Luo Kenyan woman

Woman brutality beaten

This woman was beaten up by men because of what? Politics, her tribe Luo or her stand!

This act is barbaric, retrogressive, uncalled for and by any genius ugly African, English, French, Arabic, Chinese word it should be termed. This is more than violence against the woman and I call upon organizations to come out and treat it as such, investigate and police to take action against these known persons acting on their own or on behalf of their master(s)




































This barbaric act happened yesterday at Fedha stage in Embakasi East constituency in Embakasi ward. Fracas erupted on this side of Nairobi after planned NASA memorial rally at Jacaranda grounds was blocked by police. To what I’ve gathered is she was from Pipeline estate seeking refuge of the sort and found herself near a hotel at the stage. The men after her claimed they saw and singled her throwing stones earlier…






























































Careful not to call tribes and not meant to ignite any form of ethnicity  but for what it is…These men after her are Kikuyu and were against the scheduled rally, siding with the police. They rowdily approached her and asked her why she was throwing stones!? (Like they are police or something) sent to maintain law and order!???





This courageous Luo woman answered in the affirmative ‘it is my right to protest!’




























That’s when they pounced on her and with the same stones they were against throwing they stoned her.





Good lord acted fast and by his grace it’s a Kikuyu man, Mbau who has sold milk there ever since who stopped the brutality appealing to the men in Kikuyu language to stop this horrendous act

Kenyans let us be careful not to cross the line because this crosses all manners of lines…






















Tribes, tribalism aside on this one, women and men let us term it ‘barbaric violence against women’ and precisely this Luo Kenyan woman who stood by her courage and consciousness express herself, a right she has in the constitution of Kenya












































































I call this her Rosa Parks moment and shake her hand through this words that I right

























7 year old boy shot dead in today’s political fracas





















































Ordinarily if you reading saw rowdy 15 plus machete wilding men and throwing stones at you ready to kill, most persons especially men would have ran as fast as their legs could carry them for safety but all she said was ‘It is my right to protest, she then picked up a stone and threw at them as an act of self-defense!’

On December 1, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks refused to obey bus driver James F. Blake‘s order to give up her seat in the “colored section” to a white passenger, after the whites-only section was filled

























By MajiMaji

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