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Dear reader, crippled Mutisya needs a Wheelchair urgently

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It is estimated on the world report on disability that 15 percent of world population is people with disability although experts believe that many countries significantly underestimate the actual prevalence rate a case that can be justified in Kenya

Kenya by statistics has 10 percent (4.4 million) of its population registered disabled persons countrywide. A number twice as much as Jamaica, Lesotho, Namibia, Qatar entire country’s population On the contrary there could be as many not recognized by the Kenyan government as officially disabled and factored in the population statistic like Mr. Justus Mutisya Kalea who was not counted on the 26 percent of 4.4 million who are of mobility type disability

Meet Justus M. Kalea, born crippled on both legs in 1992 in Makueni county Tutuini Sub County who has never been registered, has no medical report to certify his disability. In the painful short he does not enjoy any right by the law of the land as a disabled person.

Justus is a re-known cobbler, resident in Embakasi village, Embakasi ward in Nairobi. The father is diseased and his mother a peasant farmer back in the village. Although disabled, Justus labors 7 days a week in his kibanda makeshift in Embakasi village repairing shoes. He lives 500 meters away and mobility is his major problem and pain. I plan with your help to have him registered and recognized as disabled person and hope to help make his life easier by aiding his mobility one day and soon. So dear reader, Join me in this plea

A wheel chair would transform his life remarkably. He is single, alone but determined to sweat for his coin but cannot move without help of the wheelchair. Let’s aid his mobility to transform his life

By Majimaji – Julius Owino