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Jadudi, Cancer warrior needs you again

“Hey everyone. I have been nominated Cancer Warrior of The Year for the upcoming Gala Awards this year October again. Please vote by sending 8D to 21195 many times possible and help me win this. Thank you” Emmanuel  ‘Jadudi’ Otieno on his Instagram account. The gala awards is scheduled for the 27th of October 2017

Jadudi is a story of determination to live, the impossible made possible and a nation pulling together to beat Cancer through a resilient Jadudi

In 2012, Jadudi at 22years studying political science and sociology at the university could experience headaches, take painkillers and dismiss them. The headaches grew stronger compelling the campus doctor to advice he goes for a CT-Scan. The reports showed “there was something in his head” later to be revealed as ‘Grande III Ependymoma on the left partial’ a brain tumor which later turned cancerous

After chemotherapy sessions the hair fell, face turned dark, the body crumbled, his speech started to slur and the feeling in his left hand went

Helpless parents through loans and contributions managed to secure a surgery in India that never yielded much. The tumor continued to grow; he was left paralyzed on the right side and speech completely gone. At 23 years he was learning how to walk again!

He hanged on with every hope through three more head surgeries with no much recovery. Biko Zulu and Zawadi Nyong’o show up and the entire nation got the story and through crowd funding 1milliForJadudi, Jadudi hope to recovery was restored

The message that got me to join the fight and rally via media awareness and personal contribution was “He doesn’t have much time left. He needs our help to fly out to India for a fourth brain surgery. He doesn’t want to wait. He wants to fight.  This is our chance to join a fight that isn’t ours, but an important fight nonetheless. He needs 1 million shillings by Saturday. We all have the power to help this boy”

Today, thanks to Kenyans and especially Biko Zulu and Zawadi Nyong’o but much praises to the resilient cancer warrior Jadudi and Kenyans in general

Jadudi walks, talks and is giving back via his Kisumu cancer initiative. Vote for this This 5-time brain cancer warrior in this year’s 3rd#CancerSoldier gala awards

Julius Owino – Majimaji

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