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Did you know Blenders fight Cancer? The Omwanas need one

Did you know Blenders fight Cancer? The Omwanas need one

Do you remember the Omwanas (Patroba Omwana and his wife Constance Mutune Omwana) who was in critical condition suffering from colon cancer? Yes she is just from her 7th chemotherapy at Kenyatta National Hospital and 5 more to go.

They have been advised that she should be on strict supplements of fresh blended fruit juices; apples, carrots and beetroot, 3 glasses per day to boost her immune system. The Omwanas have no fruit blender and now more than ever before need one to help fight cancer!

The fruit blend is popularly called a “Miracle drink” because of its magical health benefits. It was introduced by Chinese Herbalists for the treatment of lung cancer and many other diseases ages ago. It has countless benefits and gives your brain and body a true miracle.

Currently the husband Patroba has to locally buy a glass of that fruit juice blend at Kshs. 100 per glass at the nearby fruit juice sellers in Mradi, Embakasi where they reside


May 10th 2017, 6 months ago the community through Damaris Nkatha raised the concern fearing she was going to die in the house for lack of medical attention. With no medical cover and both jobless, Patroba could honestly not afford even to transport her to hospital. His last penny bought her breakfast; a cup of black tea with no sugar and one mandazi, which she vomited and fell on the bed, their hope all gone.

Our good cop Sammy responded; the police ambulance took her to hospital, friends and well-wishers responded, her hospital bill was raised, Majimaji responded, the Omwana’s were found a new shelter out of their house which was flooded with dirty water and sewage waste.

Since then, she’s on a recovery path; her medical treatment and attendance stable.

She is determined to beat Cancer on her 7th Chemo and fighting on. The Omwana’s budget for fruits is Kshs. 200 per day for at least 3 months. With a fruit blender, they will not have to seek blending services at Kshs. 100 per glass.

They have come from a death scare and together let’s get them to the finish line. Let’s beat Cancer and transform the Omwanas’ lives!

By Majimaji Kenya Trust

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