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Aalico Ohodha Ready to die tomorrow

Aalico Ohodha Ready to die tomorrow

Luo to the end! What his post says, clearly stating his stand and declaration which has been triggered by the demonstrations currently staged by NASA to fight for free and fair elections dubbed #NoReformsNoElections in Kenya. This was after the results of the presidential elections were nullified by the Supreme Court. Raising emotional anger that could be a trigger of his declaration is the use of excessive force by the police during the demonstrations. The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) said 35 of the deaths were caused by excessive use of force by police officers while quelling protests against the declaration of Uhuru Kenyatta as re-elected president.

His posts that has got us and other Kenyans puzzled is a daring self-declaration to die tomorrow “Tomorrow will be the beginning of the end of my days on this planet… so I pray to God that should I go down tomorrow during the demonstration I will have to take as many dogs as I can with me

His post on the 8th of August just after the General elections “Av already done my part now expecting my servants to do their part by providing services indiscriminately,,,thank you Kenyans for the tolerance so far…. glory be to God


But where has he got such a big gun if at all this picture is real? May be it’s not him as this comment on his page suggests Chrispory Ker Do fools even realize this is not a Kenyan and that environment is not Kenya? This is a South Sudanese. Kenyans’ main challenge of nationhood is lack of any sense of identity”

Never the less motivating some who could be in the same state of mind Frank Owino Ayaga I need one too Aalico Ohodha”

He is also being cancelled by some “Keller Masha I know how it feels but drop that mind and heart, we arent there yet bro plz”.

Some are also wishing him death “Mungai Kinuthia you will lot in hell”

Is this the sound and fate for Kenya? As an organization we stand for and work for humanity, peace and stability in Kenya

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