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Majimaji denied a chance to Donate Blood #CSRFriday

Majimaji denied a chance to Donate Blood #CSRFriday

Majimaji also known as Julius Owino was denied a chance to donate blood at Nairobi Hospital for A/c Lilian Akinyi MCF Ward, wife to his colleague Edgar Ogutu. Reason given was because he admitted to be #Asthmatic not knowing this would disqualify him from donating.


“I was in extremely stable condition, not on any medication and I have donated before and recognized as a donor by Kenya National Blood Transfusion Service (KNBTS). I can’t recall my last Asthmatic attack although I admit I am Asthmatic”


I am still seeking an opportunity to donate blood to her at the same hospital and seeking justifiable better explanation why I cannot donate blood!

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