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Patrick Mwangi to IEBC- Let Luos Live!

The IEBC should not conduct elections in the areas where the residents are opposed to the exercise in this case as scheduled by IEBC in Kisumu, Migori, Siaya & Homabay. The commission must understand that, much as the constitution gives it the right to carry out the elections, the electorate too via the same constitution has a right to vote or not to vote. Forcing the population to engage in an activity it is opposed to will and shall be met with resistance.


The Constitution offers legal guidance but we need to also look at the logical interpretation of the situation at hand. The voice of the people must be respected for they find logic and reason in their collective voice. Military indulgence and police intervention in a people’s affair out of benevolent logic and reason of their own good, constitutionally and logically, is an act of injustice, intimidation and is unlawful. Chebukati should not force a constitutional right to a people who have a constitutional right to opt not to a constitutional right. We must learn to accept, understand and appreciate everyone’s decisions. Seek the court’s interpretation of the laws and acts that are contradictory to your understanding.

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We need to respect lives and veer away from any acts that threaten the existence of life. It’s logically clear that there shall be resistance, why force a way where there is no will?

Protests broke with No reforms No elections calls by NASA sighting unpreparedness by IEBC to conduct free, fair and credible elections as directed by the Supreme Court September 1st ruling that nullified presidential elections held in August 8th 2017. IEBC then set fresh elections for October 26th, which has been marked by low voter turnouts especially in NASA strong holds

Patric Mwangi


Yours Truly, Patrick Mwangi Mwaura


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  1. Lilechi

    very true,though it’s sad that lives have to be lost for people to practice what should be their constitutional right of choice.

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