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Prosthetic Arm for James Njagi

Prosthetic socket measurement at Gatway workshop

Good news! James Njagi will get a Prosthetic arm soon













James lost his left arm on a road accident 8 years ago making him disabled. The 8 years have been dark days for him. He’s been jobless and his last attempt to get one invited stigma he says has tormented hem the most. He got hired on a production packaging firm and worked for just 2 days.













































“Majimaji one crate carry’s 40 pieces. I kindly asked the supervisor to allow me carry 32 pieces as an additional 8 was heavy. The supervisor while hiring me did not notice I had one hand and so I told him. After that I have never received a call to come back to work but the rest who were my friends who we were hired with are still working I know it is because of my disability”























































In our conversation and why we committed to appeal for a prosthetic arm was his deep cry to fight stigma and stereotyping within the community.




















































“People think and some say my arm was cut off at a crime scene when I was caught stealing. Whenever I board a bus ladies pull their bags to safety. My daughter is stigmatized at times by fellow children, they say she’s the daughter of that man with one hand”








He also needed it for self esteem, this could be because he was not born disabled and before the accident was a very active and hard working man who did odd jobs to survive as he chased his dream to become successful in life

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Socket Plaster molding

While appealing for well wisher to join us #MajimajiKenyaTrust in fixing his arm, Glaze Prosthetics touched by our appeal responded via DM on Twitter!





Good evening! We are very happy that we can help! At first we need professional prosthetic socket? Do you have prosthetics workshop that under our instructions technician can do socket? Best regards Greg Kosch


































We got in touch with Gateway Prosthetics and Orthotics here in Kenya who have also offered to assist with any workshop need
All is now on course to get James Njagi a Prosthetic Arm


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