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Save KOBOLE’s life through his music

Imagine a situation where you are not sure where your next meal will come from. Imagine a scenario where crime is your only available source of income and drugs your motivation to get through the day! This is a daily reality youth battle with in the absence of hope and opportunities to achieve a livelihood or see their dreams come true in the informal settlements. Such is the reality Phillip Odera A.K.A Kobole has to live with.

Kobole is his stage mtaa name. Kobole is a musically talented young man from Embakasi Juakali area in Nairobi. He is known for his rapping skills, all he does whenever he is walking.

His mother passed away while giving birth to him in hospital. His family then rejected him claiming he was not the father’s son. Having nowhere to go, he ended up in the streets having to give up education. Out of peer pressure he started taking drugs and later graduated to crime in Kayole. He took a U-turn when all of his friends were shot dead on a criminal assignment. He heard of a music talent search held Embakasi social hall and opted to try out his skills and ended up winning. There was no prize or way forward but he got Embakasi village goodwill and pride as one of their own, cleansing his old tag of a criminal and drug user

I heard about him from women who made an appeal that having heard of me through my music and positive experience with youth talents, I could help their son Kobole. Majimaji he has lost hope, he has nowhere to sleep apart from a place we let him spend occasionally. He cannot cloth himself or eat but if supported we know he will make it. Majimaji

A plea that set majimaji to look for him and 3 months after, Kobole has recorded a song with majimaji, track named Kobole. The song was produced by Mashwanda & Ray P and mixed and mastered by Ray P. The song tells a story of Kobole and in effect the story of many youth all over Kenya frustrated for lack of jobs or recognizable income generating activity. The song seeks answers to the daily survival of the younger generation of youth in Kenya. It is a call to inspire many of the youth who feel that they have hit rock bottom not to give up. It is also a call to leaders to ensure better conditions for their people. The song is an exhibition of what talent can be found in areas where people are suffering and only need the facilitation that is self-empowerment.

Talents like Kobole need to be nurtured and well promoted to serve as hope to other youth and the larger society countrywide. Promoting this song is promoting change not only in a young man’s life but also promotes a culture of self-sufficiency through supporting and developing individual talents and skills.

The audio is out and enjoying airplay and with financial support, the video will be produced to sufficiently introduce Kobole to the world. Join us in realizing, supporting, mentoring and promoting talents to unlock potentials.

Transforming people through their talents

Majimaji Kenya Trust

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