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Support my craft to save Mum and my future

Support my craft to save Mum and my future

She wrote to me “I’m Irene Ndanu from Embakasi. I was a former student at Buruburu Institute of fine arts studying diploma in Graphic design but due to lack of school fees I was forced to drop out. Due to my skills in tapestry mat making that’s how I earn my living and support my mum who’s asthmatic. The mats price varies with size. I always pray that I may get sponsor who would offer to but the materials as little as Kshs. 2,500 so I can sustain my small business”

I met Irene at a local small makeshift pub while on a community outreach. After introducing myself she whispered to me saying “this is not my place and do not judge me” I asked her to tell me her story and it’s when the art subject came up.

These were her four wishes:

  • To quit the waitress job
  • To complete her studies
  • To continue to support her mother
  • To get market for her products that would empower her to be self-sustaining through her talent and love for tapestry

We can transform her life by;

  • Donating towards her capital to establish better her business
  • Ordering for her products (1×1.5m piece is Kshs. 3000 & 1x2m is Kshs.4000)
  • Helping with her mums asthmatic & arthritis condition costing them approximately Kshs.5000 per month
  • Donating towards her college fee in order for her to complete her diploma in Graphic design course; Kshs. 220,000

By Julius Owino (Majimaji)

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