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Are two flags flying in Kenya?

Are two flags flying in Kenya?

Deep in Mathare in Nairobi informal settlements, a flag is noticed hoisted high on a timber pole as high as they could find one. Is this indicating a self-determined zone or people? Unofficially this flag has been seen in anti IEBC demonstrations organized by NASA (National Super Alliance) coalition and its presence amongst the party supporters and penetration in increasing both on ground and online.  

So what does it stand for?

Same as Kenyan flag apart from the blue which we could not get the real meaning. Black for the people, white for peace, red for the blood, green for the land and blue yet to be known!

A section of NASA supporters have incubated and accepted the option of session in Kenya which sees a part of a country go its way, a process of self-determination. Theories have suggested a people’s republic of kenya and central republic of Kenya. Maps have been circulated suggesting an imagined boundary if at all this is an option being seriously considered.






David Ndii, a NASA strategist in August called for secession and was quoted saying “Kenya is for the part an abusive relationship, it is about time we start talking about ending it”




Kenya’s general elections were held on the 8th of August 2017 and later nullified by the Supreme Court after a successful petition by NASA’s presidential candidate Hon. Raila Odinga. It is after that that the session theories sprung, subsequently the flag surfaced.

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